A young single mother arrives on a remote island to compete on "Love at Last," TV’s number one dating show, and slowly discovers that a mysterious killer is slaying the contestants, one by one.

When perfectionist event planner, Amy, takes on rising pop star's ten year family reunion as her latest project, disagreements within the family threaten disaster unless a plan can be made to satisfy everyone including handsome yet stubborn family member, Calvin.

A Christmas for Mary

Up-and-coming journalist Lena Jones is tasked with delivering a story by Christmas that will wow her boss, magazine editor Vivian Vaye, who is dangling a promotion to head writer over Lena's head. Intrigued by a portrait of a mysterious woman painted by her late grandfather, Lena journeys to the small town of Pineville, wherewith her mother's blessing and support, Lena uncovers a long-ago forgotten tale of young love that not only uncovers cherished memories of the past but also inspires Lena to follow her heart and find her own true love - and her perfect Christmas story.

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